AEON SWTOR Guide Review

AEON SWTOR Guide Review

The AEON SWTOR Guide – A Comprehensive and Detailed Review

Whether you have been an avid player of Star Wars: The Old Republic for many years now or are just about to embark on the journey of the classic and beloved game, this comprehensive and detailed review aims to equip with you all that you need to know about the AEON SWTOR Guide and whether it is worth spending your hard-earned cash on it.

The AEON SWTOR Guide – Contents and Features

Unlike other guides, the AEON SWTOR Guide discusses both factions in the game and lays out the differences between each. The AEON SWTOR Guide also educates the user on what levelling builds and rotations to use in the game in order to get ahead as fast as possible. The AEON SWTOR Guide also covers the recommended PVE and PVB builds to utilize in the game. It does not end there – the AEON SWTOR Guide also instructs the user on where each talent point should be placed; inclusive of all levels and classes.

The AEON SWTOR Guide also advises the user on what items, stats and gear should be used. What steps to take when dealing with groups, operations and flashpoints are also covered. Another noteworthy of the AEON SWTOR Guide is that it makes use of mediums such as images and videos in order to explain concepts to users in a clear and effective manner. Even after the game is updated, the AEON SWTOR Guide is constantly updated to stay on top of the game.

AEON SWTOR Guide Review

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The AEON SWTOR Guide – Professionally Written and All-Encompassing

The AEON SWTOR Guide contains a library of guides on Star Wars: The Old Republic. These guides were written by professionals on the game and the guide guarantees the most relevant and up to date information on the game. Extensive research, testing and calculation were carried out in order to produce the highest-quality and most accurate guide on Star Wars: The Old Republic. As mentioned earlier, the features of the AEON SWTOR Guide are many and varied. Every aspect of the game is discussed in the guide: including strategies, tactics, tips and advice. The contributors and writers of the AEON SWTOR Guide also include many different seasoned and highly experienced players around the world. Some are even members of top 10 guilds such as Ensidia, World of Warcraft, Premonition, Maximization from Rift and Exodus. These players have spent countless hours in the game and know all there is to know about the game.

The AEON SWTOR Guide – Myriad Bonus Features

Not only does the AEON SWTOR Guide come with numerous content and features on all the strategies and tips that you need to dominate at Star Wars: The Old Republic, there are multiple bonus features that come with the AEON SWTOR Guide. After completing level 10 of the game, a massive talent tree is presented to the user. The talent tree offers endless choices along with more spells and abilities you will need a significant amount of time to complete. This feature of the guide is included in order to train the user on how to use spells and abilities accordingly as well as where to put each talent point in the game. This saves you countless hours of learning how to do the aforementioned via trial and error.

Another bonus feature included in the AEON SWTOR Guide is the manifold PVP builds designed to help the user bypass the trial and error stage in the actual game. You will save dozens of hours trying to figure out what builds, items and gears need to be used for each situation.

AEON SWTOR Guide Review

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The Pros and Cons of AEON SWTOR Guide


  • Multiple bonus features included.
  • Content is professionally written by credible, expert players of the game.
  • Comprehensive coverage of every aspect of the game.
  • Both factions are discussed; no preference or bias towards any specific faction.
  • Extremely detailed information.
  • No hacks or cheats.
  • Free updates.
  • No monthly payments required.
  • Can be accessed on iPhone, iPad and Android.


  • No crew skills guide provided.
  • Levelling guide could use some improvement.
  • Interruptions in the middle of the story can be distracting.
  • No hard copy or physical book included.

Final Verdict

While the AEON SWTOR Guide isn’t perfect, it is considered by many players of Star Wars: The Old Republic to be the best guide currently available in the market. At a price of $57, it is an undeniable bargain considering all the features and content that it offers. There are also no required monthly payments and all updates to the guide are free. Whether you have been playing Star Wars; The Old Republic for a very long time or wish to familiarize yourself on helpful strategies and tactics prior to playing the game, this guide is sure to be useful in your endeavour.

AEON SWTOR Guide Review


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